Microsoft Azure EA MSDN Dev/Test

Microsoft Azure EA MSDN Dev/Test

Microsoft launched an offer for the Enterprise Agreement customers, which allows you to create subscriptions dedicated to dev & test.


Why would you want to use it? Several reasons, but first and foremost because it will save you money. Next to the discount you already have on your EA, you will get discounted hourly rates for your virtual machines. Simply put, you will be able to run Windows instances at the Linux price. Next to that, there is no charge for MSDN software that runs on the instances like MS SQL Server.

If you are doing a lot of dev & test, but would like to keep everything administratively nicely under the EA, this is great.

So where’s the catch? You don’t get the financially backed SLA. But then again, it clearly states dev & test, so that is not so strange.


Next to the discount, you will also find the Windows 10 & 8 images are available on these subscriptions, which comes in handy for those who want to play fiddle around with the Windows 10 without installing it locally.


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